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What do you actually need to buy for baby?

Pregnancy is a time where you relish buying things for the baby and for yourself. The only problem is it can cost an absolute fortune with all of the latest trends out there. People are quick to sell you the latest must have item and as a parent to be, you feel guilty if you don’t buy it. The question is, what do you actually need to buy for baby?

The list I have compiled is from experience of raising two healthy children.

1. Cot

This is one thing you want to buy that is high in quality. Your little one will want to use this as a trampoline and climbing frame so it needs to be sturdy. There are great sales out there, it just takes time to shop around to get it at the right price. I personally bought mine second hand and got a new mattress.

2. Bouncer

Now there are great ones around nowadays that are all singing and dancing. The only trouble with the ones that rock to sleep is that the baby gets used to being rocked to sleep so this might create more work for you further down the line.

I personally prefer the basic ones that you can place baby in and they bounce themselves to sleep.

3. Nappies

There are so many varieties of nappies out there, some are reusable, some are disposable it all just depends on personal preference. One thing I would advise is to try the different brands out as some may leak for different sized babies.

4. Swaddle wraps

There are many wraps out there which are fancy but take a rocket scientist to work out. Get your baby a few large wraps and learn how to swaddle properly.

Just make sure that the swaddle isn’t too tight or causing the baby to overheat.

5. Nappy bag

A quality nappy bag you will make use of for all of your babies, so shop around and find one that is big enough, has several small compartments and is practical. A lot of them nowadays come with change mats too.

You don’t need to spend a fortune to get a good bag.

6. Breast pump

Now if you are going to breastfeed then I would recommend investing in a breast pump. There will be times that you will need to go out and do something for yourself, so you will need to express. There are great second hand ones out there so have a look around.

7. Clothing

This is a new parents time to go crazy and shop, but you don’t need too much stuff. You also don’t need to get the latest trends. Local super markets have great quality clothes at very affordable prices.

8. Breast pads

If you do choose to breastfeed then you will need breast pads. Disposable pads are great for the first month as you will be leaking a lot. Once your breastmilk. Has settled down then reusable pads are a great investment.

9. Baby monitor

I would highly recommend investing in a baby monitor, especially if you are planning on trips away. Just having the reassurance that little one is ok, is worth the investment alone. You don’t necessarily need one with a visual monitor just a basic one where you can hear baby is enough.

10. Good buggy

Buggy’s are an investment and if you buy a cheap one then you will soon notice that is doesn’t last very long. I personally like ones that you can change from front to rear facing as young babies like to see who is pushing them. Having a peep hole is also important so you can check if baby is sleeping.

As you can you don’t need fancy items when you are shopping for your baby. We very specific on what you need and don’t fall into the new parents trap of buying everything. Invest in the big items that you really need and everything else can wait.


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