Daily Maternity Nurse Contracts
Daily maternity nurses can work up to 12 hours per day, typically parents request daily maternity nurses for 8 - 10 hours per day. They are able to work 6 days per week and take bookings from a couple of days up to 6 months.

Advantages of a Daily Maternity Nurses
To help support parents at home during the day, this can be hugely beneficial for exhausted parents who have been awake during the night. It gives parents an opportunity to spend time with their older children, whilst the maternity nurse takes care of the baby. Or for mum to take a nap or catch up on other household chores or work commitments.

Often partners have to return back to work following paternity leave and it's reassuring for parents to have an experienced professional postnatal carer to help. Some parents continue working from home following the birth of their baby and don't take any maternity leave, or just a few weeks. It is vital for these parents who work from home to have a support network and and a postnatal care giver is ideal.

Some families for various reasons, whether it be lack of bedroom space or wanting privacy at night. But still want input from an experienced postnatal professional, a daily maternity nurse is an ideal solution.

Duties of a Daily Maternity Nurse

Daily maternity nurses can take care of all baby cares, duties include but not limited to:

  • Bottle Feeding

  • Sterilising bottles

  • Preparing and sterilising breast pump equipment

  • Breastfeeding support

  • Implementing feeding and sleeping routines

  • Nappy changes

  • Winding

  • Settling baby

  • Dressing/ undressing

  • Bath time

  • Nursery duties

  • Washing baby cloths

  • Accompanying parents to appointments i.e. baby weigh in clinics, immunisation and GP appointments

  • Accompanying parents to baby activities i.e baby massage, sensory play etc

  • Basically anything relating to the care and well being of the baby


Maternity Nurses are self employed and therefore are responsible for setting their own rates per 24 hours . All the rates quoted are gross and the maternity nurses are responsible for their own tax and insurance

Daily Maternity Nurse Rates
Cheryl's fees reflect her qualifications, training and experience

  • Single Baby- £20 per hour

  • Twins- Please ask for a quote

Plus travel expenses.