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Babylogue, A Baby Logbook, Baby Daily Journal & Baby Tracker

baby logbook , baby diary, baby tracker
Babylogue a newborn baby daily journal

The Babylogue is a newborn baby daily logbook created by a maternity nurse for new parents and carers. Over the years I have used various baby log books, but I often find that there is not enough space to write everything down, especially the description of each feed. It's helpful to be able to jot down which breast you started each feed with, and if there was any difficulties with latching, and how long your baby was feeding for. The Babylogue has a dedicated space for expressing breast milk. It's useful to be able to record how much breast milk you have pumped per feeding session and over a 24 hour period.

The Baby log book is designed to document all feeds, whether you are breastfeeding, chestfeeding, or giving expressed breast milk or formula. New parents can find the first few weeks or months exhausting and it's so easy to forget what time your baby last had a feed or a wet or dirty nappy. The double-sided A5 baby journal allows you to write down as much or as little information as you choose.

There is a useful page to explain how to use the Babylogue, and what the abbreviations mean, as well as a pre filled sample page.

The useful safe sleeping is based on the Lullaby Trust guidelines and is designed to help give new parents advice and reassurance.

The preparation of formula milk is based on the NHS guidelines, and it is a useful tool to be able to refer to, if needed.

The storage of breast milk is a helpful guide on how to store, use and defrost your expressed breast milk.

Some of the key features of the baby log book include • Available in both paperback and hardback • Easy to use glossy A5 baby daily log book • 24 hour baby tracker • Double-sided daily logbook per 24 hours • Useful tick box for your baby’s nappy changes • Expressing breast milk • Sleep • Notes • Emergency contact details • Medication consent form and medication administration record • Practical information on the preparation and storage of formula and breast milk, and safe sleeping guidelines

The Babylogue is available at Amazon

About the Author

My name is Cheryl, I worked as an NHS midwife for over 15 years before specialising as a maternity nurse. I currently live in Yorkshire, however I spend a lot of my time travelling around the UK and overseas, offering guidance and support to new parents.

Over the course of my midwifery and maternity nurse career, I have had the privilege of caring for hundreds of parents and their newborn babies. I specialise in a diverse range of fields, which include breastfeeding, sleep consultancy, multiples, premature babies, bottle refusal, tongue tie and reflux. I created the Babylogue for parents, grandparents and carers to document their baby’s feeds, sleeps and nappy changes. The baby daily journal includes a medication consent form, a medication administration record, and useful information on safe sleeping and the preparation and storage of formula and breastmilk. I hope that you will enjoy writing in your Babylogue as much as I have enjoyed creating it. Further details about me can be found on my website at

Sample pages of the interior design of the Babylogue

The daily log book has many features, below is a snippet of the interior layout of the Babylogue.

Baby Journal
Medication Consent Form

Baby logbook
Medication Record Chart

Babylogue, a baby lobook
How to use your Babylogue

The Babylogue is a baby daily journal for new parents
Daily logbook

Reviews from customers

An amazing book Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 3 May 2023 I found the book very helpful with my newborn daughter. I was struggling trying to remember the feed times and how much she had taken. But I feel so much more organised now. I particularly liked the section on expressing, as I could never remember how much I had expressed at each feed. So it was good to have it all written down. Great little book Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 2 May 2023 Great book for first time parents or even professional maternity nurses . It would also be a great keep sake for parents too . Would highly recommend.

Fantastic Log Book

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 2 May 2023

I bought this book as a gift for new parents. They absolutely loved it and couldn't thank me enough. It was easy to use and plenty of space to write everything down. I will definitely be buying it again.

A great little log book

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 14 May 2023

In my experience as a mother, grandmother, midwife and maternity nurse I know that new parents often need to record vital information about their babies, so that they can keep a safe check on their well-being, and this handy little book is perfect for that! It will keep all the information in one place and prevent parents and other care-givers from having scraps of paper all over the place! A lovely, affordable gift for parents-to-be and new parents, I will definitely be recommending it to all my clients

Great baby logbook I loved the glossy cover. I found the book very helpful and the information on safe sleeping was very reassuring. Plenty of space to write all your baby's feeds and nappy changes. I would recommend this book to any new parents. The Babylogue is currently available at Amazon, and is also available to order from all major book stores throughout the UK, ClICK HERE


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