Maternity Nurse Cheryl Foster Services

Cheryl Foster Maternity Nurse Services

Specialist Care for Mums

Care of mums postnatally including but not limited to:

  • Experience of caring for women who have had a caesarean section, instrumental delivery or sustained a perineal tear.​

  • Wound and perineum care, advising on personal hygiene and observing for early signs of infection.​

  • Maternal observations, to detect early signs of postnatal complications.​

  • Observing uterine involution and lochia loss, in order to prevent a PPH.​

  • Guidance and advice for the prevention of DVT's.

  • Awareness of baby blues, postnatal depression and puerperal psychosis.​

  • Holistic care of mums to ensure both emotional and physical needs are met.​

  • Empowering women to make informed choices.

  • Supporting mums parental decisions.​

  • Allowing mums to recuperate following childbirth.

Specialist Care for Babies

Care of the newborn including but not limited to:

  • Breastfeeding, I am able to provide specialist breast feeding support including correct positioning and attachment, skin to skin and hand expressing. Awareness and prevention of mastitis and sore nipples.

  • Safe storage of breast milk and feed plans.

  • Bottle feeding, including sterilising, correct make up of feeds, storage, feed plans and weight gain

  • management. Experience of cup feeding for mums who are expressing or mixed feeding and choose not to introduce a teat.

  • Advice on reflux and colic including effective winding and settling techniques.

  • Sleeping advice, including safe sleeping positions and awareness of the prevention of SIDS. 

  • Advising parents on the care of the umbilical cord and observing for signs of infection.

  • Bathing, top and tail, dressing and safe and supportive newborn holding techniques.

  • General baby care, including nappy changing, prevention and treatment of nappy rash and other minor ailments.

  • Baby observations, detecting early signs of an unwell baby.

  • Knowledge and experience of working with twins, multiples, premature and low birth weight babies.​

  • Experience of caring for babies who are born with a disability or a problem e.g tongue tie.

Available Maternity Nurse Services

I can offer 24 hour live in 24/5 or 24/6 maternity nurse services to mums, families and their babies, working nationwide and overseas.

In addition, 24/2 24/3 and 24/4 maternity nurse service is available, to support parents at weekends or mid week. 

Daily or night maternity nurse service is available on request.

Maternity nurse contracts are typically 6 to 12 weeks, but can be tailored to suit your individual requirements.

My Fees
  • Single Baby -  £270 gross per 24 hours, plus travel expense

  • Twin Babies -  Contact me for an individual quote

  • Triplet Babies  Contact me for an individual quote​

  • Daily and night maternity nurse fees are from £20.00 per hour gross, plus travel expenses.

Please note: there is no agency fees for Cheryl Foster Maternity Nurse Services