"Cheryl is a wonderful, kind, intelligent lady who genuinely enjoys her job and adores babies. One thing that really stood out about Cheryl is her professionalism. She takes her work very seriously, is incredibly organised, hygienic and cautious but also knows how to have fun and always put a smile on my face even during the most tricky times of having a newborn. Other characteristics that were super important to me were that Cheryl is trustworthy, honest and loyal. She worked really well with the full time nanny that we have for our eldest and handed over all her knowledge and tips to her. I trusted her implicitly with my baby and never had any doubt that he was in great hands. I knew she would always do what was best for him. We would absolutely highly recommend Cheryl as a maternity nurse to any family in the future she is such a gem and a true blessing for parents with a new baby."


"Cheryl is highly competent. Her substantial experience in infant care brings a quiet confidence which I am sure all her clients find very reassuring. As important, Cheryl displays an extremely approachable and friendly personality, is very kind, genuine, trustworthy and warm hearted. Cheryl settled immediately and discreetly into our home environment and created space for myself and my wife to have personal time. Our new born was enchanted by Cheryl’s empathy and approach. They shared conversations, dialogues, songs and sounds. I believe this contributed to the trust, comfort and rapport our daughter built quickly with Cheryl from the outset. To me, the real test of a personal reference is whether I would employ the person again in the future, or refer them to my close friends and family, and in the case of Cheryl I can say that I absolutely would. In short, I unreservedly recommend Cheryl for any maternity nurse role, across any range of cultures, and geographies."

"Not only was Cheryl an amazing maternity nurse but she also built up a good rapport with our older daughter. Cheryl always included her with baby duties such as feeding, nappy changes etc. She spent quality time with her, encouraging her to play and bond with her baby sister and crucially avoiding any sibling rivalry. Cheryl has many positive qualities including a calm and confident manner, she is super organised and is flexible to meet our family’s needs. It was lovely having Cheryl as our maternity nurse, not only for our baby but for the whole family. I highly recommend her to any family looking for a loving, kind, supportive and experienced maternity nurse."

"As a reference for Cheryl Foster, it is with pleasure that I write, Cheryl has been truly wonderful in her role as maternity nurse to my son. Cheryl has been extremely professional and shown her expertise across all areas of my son’s well-being. I would like to highlight specifically that Cheryl works extremely well in groups, we have many members of staff and Cheryl works well with everyone. In addition the role involved a lot of travelling to which Cheryl made stress free and with her expert knowledge I was sure that all the needs for my son were catered for. This was extremely comforting especially when travelling with young children."

"Cheryl is a very warm, kind, knowledgeable person who I would highly recommend to any new mum. I have previously referred her services to a family member and a friend, both of whom were equally as happy with the maternity nurse service that she provides."

"I can and will highly recommended Cheryl as a Maternity Nurse. She has been more than fantastic and more than 100% supportive. Both myself and my family will be very upset when she leaves and asked her to stay in touch. Cheryl became part of my family and very close to our hearts. We were fortunate and grateful to have her help, she was always a calm and reassuring presence."

"Cheryl’s experience as a Mother, and then as a Midwife means that she is well trained and experienced in all aspects of child care. Her warmth as a human being makes her a wonderful carer for children of all ages from a pastoral perspective. And her strong work ethic means that she will go the extra mile to make sure her charges are well cared for and content. It was a pleasure to have and I can highly recommend her maternity nurse services to any new parents looking for a friendly caring maternity nurse for their baby"

"Cheryl has been incredibly helpful as a maternity nurse for our newborn. She met us straight out of hospital. Her years as a midwife mean that she has lots of experience, has encountered all sorts of situations and is full of useful advice. She is confident, great natured and lovely to have around. We feel very lucky to have met her" 

"Cheryl has many positive qualities including a calm and confident manner, she is super organised and is flexible to meet our family’s needs. It was lovely having Cheryl as our maternity nurse, not only for our baby but for the whole family. We will miss her. I would highly recommend her to any family looking for a loving, kind, supportive and experienced maternity nurse"


“Cheryl started working with our baby boy number 4 when he was 6 weeks old. I cannot express how truly loving, caring and professional she has been. Her knowledge inspired me and made me feel very confident with the baby once she left
I cannot recommend her more,  if I were to have another baby I would call her in a heartbeat . She was such a great addition in the family, when she left I felt sad but even more knowledgeable and confident."



"Cheryl has a positive, cheerful personality and is extremely professional, reliable and punctual. She has energy and enthusiasm for her work and genuinely loves working with babies and children. It was a pleasure to have her with us and I would recommend her whole heartedly. She was our rock and helped us get through the challenging lockdown period!" 

"Cheryl has in-depth knowledge on best practice guidance for all aspects of looking after a baby as well as a wealth of experience as a maternity nurse in addition to her NHS midwife experience. There is not a scenario that she has not encountered, and I found her advice so
informative and reassuring as a mother. Cheryl is organised, trustworthy and punctual and ensured that her approach to caring for
Octavia complimented our parenting whilst at the same time being confident to independently make decisions. She is proactive and picks things up extremely quickly, going the extra mile every time.

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