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Why are Maternity Nurse Reviews Important?

When choosing a Maternity Nurse, it's important for parents to be able to look at the maternity nurse testimonials. It is beneficial for new parents to be able to read the reviews of previous clients to establish if they would recommend their services. It allows parents to make an informed choice of which maternity nurse they feel is best suited for their family. Look at your preferred parenting style. Are you looking for a maternity nurse who can implement a good routine or a maternity nurse who is happy to follow a baby led parenting style. Or someone who specialises in trouble shooting, breastfeeding or sleep training.

It is equally important that the maternity nurses adopts a transparent approach to their reviewing system. Allowing parents a choice of easily accessible review systems, whether that be via social media, such as Facebook or directories such as a vocal references.

Most parents will agree that having access to a maternity nurse recomendations is vital when choosing a maternity nurse to support them during the postnatal period.

Reviews can also be advantageous to the maternity nurse too. Reviews allow maternity nurses beneficial insight into the success of their maternity nurse services. Establishing which aspects of their services parents find most helpful.

Cheryl Foster advocates a translucent review system for parents. Please feel free to read recommendations for Cheryl's maternity nurse service.


FaceBook Reviews

Client Reviews


In addition to testimonials, look at any awards or recognitions that the maternity nurse has achieved. Cheryl Foster has been awarded the UK Enterprise Awards 2022 for "Maternity Nurse of the Year"

Cheryl has received a personal letter from her local PM recognising her contribution as a Midwife to the NHS and to personally congratulate her on her success as a maternity nurse.

In the Press

Look at any newspaper/ magazine coverage that highlights the maternity nurses skills, experience, contributions or awards. Cheryl has been featured in various local newspapers, radio and wrote an article on the role of a maternity nurse for absolute mama magazine.

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