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The Reality of Motherhood

The idea of becoming a mother for the first time is so exciting. You dream of having endless cuddles, coffee and play dates, sleeping when the baby sleeps and time to make wholesome food for your little one. But what nobody tells you is that the daily grind of motherhood can leave you feeling lonely, isolated and bored.

As mothers we put a huge pressure on ourselves to be the best mother that this world has ever seen. We put our hearts and souls into our babies as we want the very best for them, no less is good enough.

The daily grind of motherhood actually consists of cleaning, washing, preparing meals and activities to entertain our little ones. When the baby sleeps all of these jobs need doing, because we put the pressure on ourselves to give all of our attention to our little bundle when they are awake.

It’s time to change it up and feel like you have some control over your time.

Be good enough

From experience, being a good enough mum is the best way to view motherhood. Forget about being a perfect mum and you will feel a whole lot lighter in many ways. Those unicorn mums who seem to have it all together, well I can tell you now that they don’t, they just want you to think that they do.

Make it your mission to be good enough, give yourself a break and put things in place to free up some time for you. The daily grind of giving all of yourself to your kids will exhaust you and you will end up burn’t out.

Involve your baby/kids

If you run around like a mad chicken doing jobs around the house when your baby sleeps then you will burnout fast. Believe me I have been there. Instead, why don’t you involve your little one in your daily jobs. Babies love watching you put the washing out or chasing you round whilst you vacuum the carpet. They love watching the washing machine go round or playing with pots and pans whilst you wash the dishes. 

Involving them in the daily grind of motherhood will free up so much time when they are sleeping, heck you might even get a sleep when they sleep, imagine that!!!

Schedule adult dates

When you become a mum you will feel like a hermit, and you may forget what it feels like to be out at night. You may feel so tired that by nighttime all you want to do is curl up on the couch and watch netflix. 

However, it is so important for your mental health to have some adult time, to feel like you again and get out of the daily grind of motherhood.

If you become a good enough mother and free up time in the day to grab a nap then you won’t feel as exhausted at nighttime.

Personal Development

Use this time when your kids are young to grow, evolve and become the best version of you. You have this precious time in your life and you can put it to good use. Practising mindfulness and gratitude will hugely affect how you feel about the daily grind of motherhood. 

You may feel like changing your career or working from home now that you have a baby, so once you have freed up some time use it wisely to look into new avenues.

The daily grind of motherhood can seem daunting and overwhelming until you feel like you have some control over your day. Yes this is a special time but it can leave you feeling like you are stuck in a hamster wheel. If you keep repeating the same behaviours then you will get the same results.

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