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Life in lockdown with a baby

Having to look after a baby can be a lot of hard work, but doing it in the midst of lockdown is a whole other ball game. You may see other parents online showing their happy lives and seem to be thriving, but it leaves you thinking. What else can I do to get through life in lockdown? There are two aspects to this question How do you entertain a baby? How do I keep myself sane? If your baby is thriving but you’re left run ragged and exhausted then eventually you will get worn out. Life in lockdown with a baby is about generating balance with both of your happiness and health intact. So how do you create a balanced life in lockdown? Routine Babies just love routines and knowing what to expect, so use this time to figure out any sleeping issues that are going on. As you are probably aware babies change constantly as do their sleeping habits. Create a sleeping routine that works for you without any disturbances from life. You will notice that this will free up a lot of extra time for you to do other things. Plus, you baby will be well rested and happier. If you are having any issues I would highly recommend Sleep Sense Solutions. Mindset There are many views about lockdown but if you live in a negative mindset then you will have a hard time. You will be focused on what you don’t have, instead of what a great opportunity this is to connect as a family. Yes it is a horrible situation, however it gives you a great excuse to get down and play with your baby or fall asleep having cuddles. These are memories that you will never forget. Fun Having fun during time in lockdown is essential otherwise you will feel like you’re going mad. Keep life simple and find fun in the simplest of ways. Enjoy some water play Create a sensory/play board for your baby/toddler Teach your baby to paint/finger paint Make some edible play dough Make a sand pit/ball pit Time at home doesn’t have to be boring and mundane, you can make life as fun as you like and it doesn’t cost the earth. Schedule Time For You Life in lockdown with a baby shouldn’t just be all about how you can entertain them, then once they are asleep you run around doing chores, cleaning or doing the washing. Instead, do those jobs together and get them involved. Instead use the time when your baby is sleeping to schedule time for you. You may want to learn a new skill, get back into exercise, start a new business, whatever it is this is your time. If you don’t schedule in me time and feed your own soul then you will more than likely feel deprived, bored and frustrated with daily life in lockdown. You might even find that once you are out of lockdown that you miss these days when life was simpler. Embrace the simple times, have fun and schedule some time for yourself also, so that you both thrive.

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