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Life As A New Mum

Life as a new mum especially with your first baby is life changing. The attention has taken a huge shift from yourself to the new bundle of joy. Your emotions are all over the place and you might feel like a very different person to before.

The thing is you are a different person, it’s like a switch has just been turned on and just like that your a mum. It’s a whole new world that has opened up and you probably thought you were prepared.

Let me tell you something, you will never be prepared when it comes to babies and that’s OK.

The most common feeling that a new mum experiences are:

  • Inadequacy

  • Exhausted

  • Guilty

  • Lack of sleep

  • Negative body image

  • Isolated

Do any of these ring a bell to you? It’s okay to feel any of these emotions, you might just need some help or TLC. Becoming a mum is the most precious thing in the world, but it is also the hardest.

One thing you will need to let go of is the preconceived ideas you had before & just let yourself enjoy this special time. I am a mother of two & I know for a fact that once I let go of the details life seemed so much easier.

Yes we all hear that babies sleep a lot, but guess what a lot of babies do NOT. This is the time when you need to look after yourself & create a support network around you. Getting support from people is not a sign of weakness, it’s actually shows that you are strong enough to seek help.

Life as a new mum is a whole new level of feeling busy, even if you were a busy career woman before. Before you weren’t on call 24/7, you had breaks, meal times, holidays, no vomit on your clothes. Now you are lucky to have a wee by yourself.

Creating outlets and a semi schedule is the way forward

  • Get out of the house

  • Organise meals

  • Take time for yourself

  • Let the housework slide

  • Turn your phone off

  • Do the washing first thing in the morning every other day

  • Schedule in girl time

  • Do some exercise (even if it’s just a walk)

Life as a new mum changes each day, one day can be relaxed and go so smoothly and then bang the next is like you have been slapped in the face. Try not to take it personally, these little creatures don’t come with an instruction manual.

You will probably hear ‘It’s just a phase’ all the time. This is probably true, however your emotions will be getting the better of you, so try not to take it personally.

Being a mum will leave you feeling so helpless at times and then the best mum in the world the next. Just ride the waves and try and be present in the moment to soak it all up. Before you know it they will be 21 and leaving home.

If you are feeling overwhelmed and really not yourself then make sure you seek professional help either from your Doctor, health visitor or midwife.

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