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How To Connect With Your Baby

Why is it important to connect with your baby?

Creating a strong bond and connection with your baby has so many benefits

  • Feel secure

  • Increased self esteem

  • Confidence

  • Communication

  • Happiness

How do I connect with my baby?

Connecting with your baby may seem very instinctual to some people but for others it may be harder to do. If you had postnatal depression or a difficult birth then it may take you longer to connect with your baby.

This doesn’t mean that you will never connect, start slow and ease yourself into it. If you’re not feeling the warm and fuzziness straight away then give it time.

Slow Down

Slowing down the pace of life and its never ending list of chores will help make time so that you can connect with your baby. Babies are so present in any given situation, so take a leaf out of their book and join them, even if it is only looking at a digger or a leaf from a tree.

Use this time to talk to your baby about how it feels, whether it is hot or cold, or what colour it is. Sit and read a book together, or build with some wooden blocks. It doesn’t matter what it is they just need your undivided attention and eye contact.

Unsettled Babies

If you notice that your baby is clingy and cries a lot then try getting down on their level. Literally crouch or sit down and talk to your baby, acknowledge how they are feeling to talk to them about it. Babies understand a lot they just can’t respond yet.

Hold your baby and tell them that they are safe and that you love them, you cannot give your baby enough of this quality time.


Babies just adore music, so try putting on your favourite tune and dance with your baby. This will put you in a great headspace and your baby will instantly feel your positive energy. You may notice that just putting background music on will occupy your little one until you have time to have the special moment to connect.

How to connect with yourself

To connect with your baby you also need to connect with yourself. This may sound strange but if you’re not happy and in a good place then you may struggle to connect with your baby.

Babies feel every emotion and pick up on your vibe very quickly. If you are struggling to connect with your baby then try involving them in something that you love to do.

Make sure that you get enough rest and don’t be put off from asking for help around the house.

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