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Hospital Bag Checklist

Preparing for your little one to arrive can seem like an endless list of things to buy or organise. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming and as a first time mum you might have no idea what to pack for your labour and birth bag.

A lot of mums overpack certain items which they don’t really need and scrimp on the items that they do need. Just remember that babies make a lot of mess and really like to soil and vomit all over their lovely new clothes, especially when you have just changed them.

As a new mum after you have had baby you will bleed for around 10 days. At first it will feel like a heavy period so make sure you have plenty of changes of clothes and underwear.

I have compiled a list of helpful items that I have personally used for both of my babies which I hope that you will find helpful.

For Mum:

Night dress - easy access for breastfeeding Slippers

Comfortble knickers/ disposable

Feeding tops

Nursing bra


Loose fitting clothes

Breast pads

Sanitary pads - maternity ones

Nipple cream


Toiletries don't forget the lip balm and an hair tie if needed.

Clothes to come home in

Warm socks

Cardigan or dressing gown for night time

For Baby:


Baby wipes

Nappy cream

Cotton pads

Nappy sacks

Swaddle wrap or cloths - large ones

Blanket x 2

Hats x 2

Socks x 5

Baby grows


Hand mittens

Dirty bag for soiled clothes

Outfit to go home in

Car seat

Milestone card for photos

Don't forget to pack your hospital notes and phone charger.

For Dad:

Change of clothes



Warm socks

Change for parking

Phone & charger



Sleeping clothes


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