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Baby Teething Advice

Seeing your little one upset and sore can be so alarming for new parents, that coupled with lack of sleep can leave you feeling helpless. The first 6 months can be hard as its a lot of trial and error with many things, one of them being teething.

Many babies struggle with the movement of the teeth inside the gums and as they break the skin. Once the tooth has broken the skin, they do not seem to suffer as much. 

Babies can suffer from teething at an early age and teeth can pop when you least expect it. My baby had their first tooth at 3 months of age, which completely took me by surprise.

There are many ways that you can help your baby through teething, its just finding one that works for you. 

Chilled Spoons

Chilled spoons are a great way to help your little one, they are inexpensive and easy to hold. The metal naturally stays cold, so when you’re at a cafe or out and about always have one ready to go.


I have used Chamomilla for all of my children as it works so well. Knowing that you are giving your baby a natural alternative is always a winner in my house. The great thing about using Chamomilla is that you can give it in increments depending on the severity of the teething.

I find using a spray is easier than some of the teething powders as it is far less messy. Try your local health shop or homeopath for products.


You may notice that your title one will want to feed more frequently for comfort. Some babies will try and bite but they learn very quickly when mum screams or jumps up that it’s not the best thing to do. 

Night feeding may become more frequent as babies seem to struggle more at night.

Teething Rusks

Teething rusks are a great way to help babies with sore gums, the texture and hardness helps them to break the skin which will help reduce the soreness for them. You can try making your own rusks, or have a look in your local store.

Mum or Dads fingers

You will probably notice that your little one will want to chomp down on your fingers or thumbs, this fine as long as you have clean hands. It will be fine for the first few teeth but not so much when their top teeth come in as it will hurt you.

Cool cloths

Pop some slightly damp muslin cloths into the freezer and let your baby bite down on one. The coldness will numb their gum giving them some relief.


Some babies will need the odd dose of paracetamol and that is okay. Just make sure that you speak to your GP and get the all clear to use it. I remember with our first, I felt so bad giving a baby paracetamol and then someone said to me “If you had a sore tooth or gum, would you take paracetamol?”. Of course we would, but babies can’t tell you that they are sore.

There is a lot of information out there on alternative treatments for teething, a lot of money is being made on teething rings and feeding equipment to help teething but when it comes down to it, give them something hard and cold, teaspoons, wooden spoons, a breast feed or even just a cuddle. The biggest thing is to make sure your little one is getting enough sleep as everything seems worse when you are tired.

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