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Maternity Nurse: Roles and Responsibilities

A maternity nurse is an highly experienced and educated carer to help guide and support new parents. Maternity nurses can work 24 hours live in, days or nights. If residential the maternity nurse is on call 24 hours a day to provide information and guidance on caring for your baby.

Some of the duties of a maternity nurse include:

  • To provide a routine to ensure that your baby is effectively feeding and sleeping.

  • Provide information and guidance with infant feeding (whether breast, formula or mixed feeding.)

  • Practical help with care of your baby (feeding, winding, nappy changing, bathing,dressing/ undressing, settling to sleep.

  • Accompanying mums to appointments (hospital, GP, baby activities etc.)

  • Responsible for nursery duties (baby's laundry, sterilising bottles and equipment, keeping nursery clean and tidy.)

  • Helping to involve siblings with your new baby

  • Listening and encouragement for both parents with respect to the care of their new baby.

I am a qualified midwife and award winning experienced maternity nurse. I have extensive medical training and experience working with newborn babies. Over my 20 years midwifery and maternity nursing career, I have had the privilege of caring for hundreds of parents and their babies. I love nurturing relationships between parents, families and their newborn babies.

I am honoured to receive the award for Maternity Nurse of the Year 2022 by the UK Enterprise. And equally humbled to receive a personal letter from our local PM recognising my contribution as a Midwife in the NHS and to personally congratulate me on my success as a maternity nurse.

I have worked in various locations from London, USA, Switzerland and nationwide. As a team player, I have been able to integrate and work effortlessly in fully staffed homes. My clients have ranged from first time parents, 2nd or 3rd time parents, parents of multiples and premature babies.

I am able to offer my clients a bespoke postnatal care support package that suits each individual family's needs. My services include:

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