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Safe Sleeping For Babies

Baby's Cot

Your baby should be placed on their back to sleep, with their feet at the foot of the cot. Your baby should be in the same room as yourself or a carer for day and night sleep for the first 6 months. Use a firm, flat mattress in good condition and protected by a waterproof cover.

Smoke Free

Keep your baby smoke free during your pregnancy and after birth. Don’t allow people to smoke near your baby and keep your home smoke free.

Room Temperature

Room temperatures should be between 16-20 degrees celsius. Blankets and clothing should be adjusted so that your baby does not get too hot. Your baby's head should always be left uncovered for all naps.

Do Not Use

Do not use any pillows, duvets, cot bumpers, soft toys or any loose blankets in the cot. No products such as wedges, pods, nests, rolled up towels or anything soft placed on top of the mattress.

Car Seats

If your trip involves driving for long periods of time, you should stop for frequent breaks.

Safe Sleeping Guidelines

For current guidelines on swaddling, co-sleeping, dummies and up to date information on safe sleeping visit the Lullaby Trust website.


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