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Nappy Rash

Question and Answer: Advice on Nappy Rash

I recently received an email from the Dad of a baby asking for advice on nappy rash that I would like to share with you.


I’m working away at the moment and my wife is having trouble with my son....he’s experiencing bad nappy rash....his skin is red and weeping....she’s been advised to use metanium, that’s what she’s using but it doesn’t seem to heal him. Any advice would be appreciated.


Thank you for your email. Metanium is one of the products you can use to treat nappy rash and a lot of parents use it with good results.There are other products available such as bepanthen or sudacrem and others to help prevent nappy rash. Often it is down to parents personal choice and if the product suits your baby's skin.

If you have a warm room in the house, one of the best things that you can do is nappy free time, allowing fresh air to the affected areas. You can buy incontinence sheets for baby to lay down on, and most babies actually enjoy nappy free time. Nappy free time should help improve the rash. Also take extra care when bathing or top and tail, only use plain water, do not use any products until the nappy rash has improved.

It also helps to know the cause of the nappy rash. Is your baby teething? that could explain the rash. But look at any recent changes that you may have made, have you changed brands of washing powder or bath products recently or used a different brand of nappies or baby wipes. If you do choose to use baby wipes I would suggest water wipes, as most other brands can be too harsh for your baby's skin. But until the nappy rash improves I would advice to use only cotton wool with warm water.

I hope this information has been of some help and that your baby's rash improves quickly. I have included a link to the NHS advising on nappy rash.

Thank you for your question, I will add this information to the website to help other parents who may find themselves in a similar situation.

Many thanks 


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