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How to overcome tiredness in pregnancy

We have all experienced tiredness in our lifetime, but it is not until you become pregnant that you really feel the true meaning of tiredness. That feeling where you literally cannot function anymore until you have had a rest. So how do you overcome tiredness in pregnancy and is it possible?

There are many factors that can influence tiredness in pregnancy:

  • The number of babies you are carrying

  • Other children

  • Low iron count

  • Lack of sleep

  • Doing too much

  • Quality of sleep

  • Work


Sleep is one aspect of tiredness in pregnancy that we all crave. It’s a function we can’t survive without, but many mothers do. We’re told to sleep for 8 hours a night, but I have never met a mother yet who has had the privilege to get 8 hours of sleep under their belt.

The constant waking up with babies movements and needing the toilet, only to find that it’s only a trickle of urine. It’s a known fact that it’s babies way of training you to get used to waking up at night but it doesn’t make your tiredness any easier.

Then baby arrives and you are lucky if you get 4 hours sleep a night, let alone 8. So the long term effects of sleep deprivation takes its toll. This is where a lot of women tend to suffer from depression, so it is very important to bank some sleep.

This is where taking that well earned nap will be your best friend. When baby sleeps, you sleep so make sure you take that time. I know as a busy mum you might want to use that time to catch up on housework or taking a shower. Call a friend, and ask your partner for help with the housework so you can sleep.


When you are pregnant the lovely hormones ripping through your body can affect your diet very dramatically. What you used to enjoy might be completely different to now, but you still need to make sure that you are taking in your required calories and nutrition.

As a pregnant women you need to be having a well rounded diet, including protein, fat and carbohydrates. The amount of calories varies depending on your gestation.

About 1,800 calories per day during the first trimester About 2,200 calories per day in the second trimester About 2,400 calories per day during the third trimester

If you are concerned that you are consuming an inadequate amount then talking to your health professional will help. You don’t want to be putting too much much weight on, or losing weight in pregnancy.

Eating a diet rich in iron will help assist you to overcome tiredness in pregnancy too. Foods that are rich in iron include;

Red meat Green leafy vegetables Fortified breakfast cereals Beans and lentils Nuts

Other ways to overcome tiredness in pregnancy include the use of:

  • Essential oils

  • Exercise

  • Smoothies

  • Eat small meals often

To overcome tiredness in pregnancy it may take a few adjustments, but you will feel so much better for it. Take the time to rest, eat well and dish out some jobs for others to do.

Get into a good routine before you have baby and that way you will not be exhausted before the birth.


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