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Paracetamol Dosage Following MenB Vaccine

Whilst researching the latest advice regarding paracetamol and vaccinations, I came across this useful photograph demonstrating an easy and practical way to administer medicines such as paracetamol. This is a great tip to help parents administer paracetamol safely and accurately to their babies.

According to the Public Health Board you should give your baby the first dose of paracetamol as soon as possible after having the MenB vaccine, but not before it is administered (as the Doctor will need to check your baby's temperature prior to giving the vaccine)

Then a further two doses can be given 4 to 6 hours apart. This will help your baby from developing a fever. If you are concerned at all please contact your Doctor for advice.

The dosage

For babies under 6 month old:

Paracetamol suspension (120mg/5mls) 2.5 mls (60mg) to be given 4 to 6 hours following the last dose, for a total of 3 doses.

Please read the NHS leaflet on use of paracetamol following vaccinations for more details.

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