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Finalist in the TMM Awards 2023 "Babylogue"

Baby Daily Logbook

The Babylogue is a finalist for the best gift for under 3 months old in The Mum Marketplace Awards 2023.

About the Babylogue

The Babylogue is a double sided baby daily journal to record all your baby’s feeds, sleep and nappy changes.

By recording your baby’s feed and sleep pattern, it will make it easier to observe your baby's natural rhythm, giving you a better understanding of your baby’s needs and why your little one may be unsettled at times.

The Judging Process

The TMM panel of judges consist of industry experts, editorial leaders, influencers and parents. They test all the products from branding to service, they evaluate the quality to sustainability. Whilst also taking into consideration the cost to the consumer. Every element of the products and services are taken into consideration. The rigorous two-stage judging process puts products through real-time testing and home testing.

Parent and expert approved

Being a new parent and having so many baby products and services to choose from can feel overwhelming. Knowing which products to buy can sometimes be difficult. The TMM Awards is designed with new parents in mind to help signpost parents and speed up the decision making process.

Feedback from the TMM Awards

Here is some of the positive feedback from the judges at the TMM 2023 Awards:

"I think this would be a good gift idea for a first time mum"

"I had a hospital stay and had to log everything. This would have been really helpful"

"This would be good for my sisters parenting style. She's well organised."

In conclusion

I have enjoyed being part of the TMM Awards and I'm so excited to be a finalist and receive a star rating for the Babylogue.

If you would like further information on the Babylogue please visit the website at:

The Babylogue is also available at Amazon Click Here


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