Quotes From Parents

"I can and will highly recommended Cheryl as a Maternity Nurse. She has been more than fantastic and more than 100% supportive. Both myself and my family will be very upset when she leaves and asked her to stay in touch. Cheryl became part of my family and very close to our hearts"    


"We highly recommend Cheryl and were fortunate and grateful to have her help, she was always a calm and reassuring presence"​


"Cheryl’s experience as a Mother, and then as a Midwife means that she is well trained and experienced in all aspects of child care. Her warmth as a human being makes her a wonderful carer for children of all ages from a pastoral perspective. And her strong work ethic means that she will go the extra mile to make sure her charges are well cared for and content"


"Cheryl was very flexible, humble, open-minded and always looking for solutions. It was a pleasure to have and I can highly recommend her to any parents looking for a friendly caring help with their baby"

"I was very happy with Cheryl, I felt very comfortable. Cheryl is a very understanding person and I really liked that she paid attention to little details and followed a way of doing things the way I liked. My baby was very happy and calm with you Cheryl"

"Cheryl has been incredibly helpful as a maternity nurse for our newborn. She met us straight out of hospital. Her years as a midwife mean that she has lots of experience, has encountered all sorts of situations and is full of useful advice. She is confident, great natured and lovely to have around. We feel very lucky to have met her" 


"Cheryl has many positive qualities including a calm and confident manner, she is super organised and is
flexible to meet our family’s needs. It was lovely having Cheryl as our maternity nurse, not only for our baby but for the whole family. We will miss her. I would highly recommend her to any family looking for a loving, kind, supportive and experienced maternity"

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