Cheryl's Maternity Nurse Services

Care of the newborn including but not limited to:

Infant Feeding:

Breastfeeding, I am able to provide specialist breast feeding support including correct positioning and attachment, skin to skin and hand expressing. Awareness and prevention of mastitis and sore nipples.

Safe storage of breast milk and feed plans.

Bottle feeding, including sterilising, correct make up of feeds, storage, feed plans and weight gain management.

Experience of cup feeding for mums who are expressing or mixed feeding and choose not to introduce a teat.

​Advice on reflux and colic including effective winding and settling techniques.

​Sleeping advice, including safe sleeping positions and awareness of the prevention of SIDS.

​Advising parents on the care of the umbilical cord and observing for signs of infection.

Bathing, top and tail, dressing and safe and supportive newborn holding techniques.

​General baby care, including nappy changing, prevention and treatment of nappy rash and other minor ailments.

Baby observations, detecting early signs of an unwell baby.

Knowledge and experience of working with twins, multiples, premature and low birth weight babies.

Experience of caring for babies who are born with a disability or a problem e.g tongue tie.

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