Maternity Mum is a bespoke maternity nurse agency, which specialises in supplying experienced maternity nurses and night nannies to new parents. The agency was founded by Cheryl Foster, who herself is a midwife and maternity nurse, with over 20 years of working with babies. We provide specialists care in post-natal services to new parents living in the UK and overseas.

At Maternity Mum, the agency has a number of maternity nurses who specialise in a diverse range of fields, which include breastfeeding, sleep training, weaning, twins, reflux, colic, tongue tie, bottle refusal and premature babies. The agency also offers consultancy services, both online and offline, for any issues regarding breastfeeding and sleep training.

All of the maternity nurses that we supply are vetted and references are checked, with an up to date enhanced DBS and relevant qualifications, including a paediatric first aid.

We are able to offer our clients 24 hour live in maternity nurses, as well as daily maternity nurses and night maternity nurses. All of our maternity nurses are self-employed and take bookings ranging from one day up to six months and longer if needed.

The clients that we have are predominantly new parents who require support and guidance following the birth of their baby. Our maternity nurses are able to meet new parents as soon as they are discharged from the hospital and are experts at helping the baby settle in their new homes. We have a wide range of clients from single parents, same sex parents, surrogates, first time parents and new parents who need to return to work shortly after the birth.

One of the most important values which our team adhere to, is that each client is unique and no situation is the same. Parents have different styles of parenting and different routines and schedules they set, which is why the maternity nurses need to be able to adapt to all of this. There are also health issues that need to be taken into consideration, such as postnatal depression. In order to do this, Maternity Mum take into the account the needs of the client and carefully matches them with a maternity nurse with the right qualifications and experience. It is key that they provide the best possible service to every single one of their clients. Client satisfaction is something that is massively important to us, and the endless positive testimonials both on our website and on Facebook are proof that the service that we offer is an excellent one.

Another part of Maternity Mum’s philosophy is ensuring that we engage with our maternity nurse, by asking to hear their opinions, and feedback. There is resource page on our website which gives our maternity nurses access to information that they need to continue their own education and development. Here they can find various topics covered including, CPD opportunities, insurance and DBS information as well as other useful reading materials.

We do not charge a fee for anyone to either register or search with Maternity Mum, we only introduce an introduction fee once clients secure a booking with one of our maternity nurses. The agency introductory fees that we offer are also competitive.

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