20% Discount off our agency introduction fees when booking a maternity nurse.

Offer ends 30th December 2019. 

Agency Introduction Fees

Agency Fee Structure

Maternity Mum offers a competitive rate for our bespoke maternity nurse agency services.

There is no joining or administration fee, you only pay an agency introduction fee once your maternity nurse booking is finalised.

Our rates for maternity nurses are as follows:

UK Placements

  • £20.00 per day

  • (minimum fee of £100.00)


Overseas Placements:

  • £25.00 per day

  • (minimum fee of £100.00)


Returning clients

Returning clients requesting to re- book the same maternity nurse, if availability allows, qualify for the following discount:

UK placements

  • £10 per night

  • (minimum fee of £100.00)


Overseas placements

  • £15.00 per day

  • (minimum fee of £100.00)


Returning clients who are unable to secure the same maternity nurse or would like to book an alternative maternity nurse are entitled to receive a 10% discount, providing it is for the same family.

Please note the returning client discounts can not be used in conjunction with any other offer.


Permanent Fees

If the client extends the contract over 26 weeks, permanent placement fees apply. Clients are charged 6 x weekly net wage.

Please note - all agency fees are to be paid in full once the booking is secured and prior to the placement commencing.

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