Meet The Team

Maternity Mum is a bespoke maternity nurse agency. We supply maternity nurses to families in the UK and overseas. If you are looking for a maternity nurse, night nanny, doula, breastfeeding consultant or midwife please get in touch, our friendly professional team are here to help.


Hi my name is Cheryl, I am a qualified midwife, experienced maternity nurse and the founder of Maternity Mum. I have extensive training, education and experience working with mums and  newborn babies. I am organised, resourceful, with excellent communication skills. I am a compassionate, non-judgemental, dedicated person who can help you find the perfect maternity nurse for your needs.


Hi my name is Fran. I have two grown up children and grandchildren. I am a friendly, organised, professional who has extensive training in public relations and customer services. I am the first point of contact here at Maternity Mum. I can answer any queries that you may have via telephone or email. I am here to support you through your maternity nurse booking journey.


Hi my name is Jamie.  I am the head of Maternity Mum's marketing and advertising campaign. In addition, I act as website maintenance coordinator, to ensure that our clients receive an up to date user friendly website experience. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any technical issues with our website.